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Why Are You Being So Hard On Yourself?Set Aside Time for Relaxing, Having Fun, and Rejuvenating.

“Own what you did, but don’t beat yourself up for it. You’re human. You made a mistake. Forgive yourself & move on.” ~ The SW

“Work and plan, but do not forget to laugh, have fun, relax, rejuvenate and ENJOY LIFE.”

~ Tracy Diamond Denson

Stop being so hard on yourself, be a little kinder to YOU. You’re always going to be human and you’ll often go through hard times, it’s inevitable – It’s called LIFE. When you make a mistake, and you will, don’t be your own worst enemy, mistakes offers messages. You are going to experience failure from time to time, which too is inevitable. Give yourself permission to be human, to be imperfect, because we all are imperfect. Stay positive, take care of yourself, forget about being perfect, and always keep improving yourself. Accept your mistakes, learn from them and use them as an opportunity to grow. Your mistakes are a part of your learning; learn to be resilience in the face of challenges. We learn by taking action and action requires moving forward and not waddling on what was for too long. Your past is not your identity and it doesn’t have to dictate your destiny, the choice is yours. Accept yourself for who you are faults and all.

During stressful moments you can find yourself falling into the dreadful self-abusive internal dialogue, that negative self-talk you may say to yourself, this gets in the way of your own success and you trying again. You are allowed to feel what it is you are feeling, however, you don't have to act on it. Recognize when you’re being hard on yourself and have a system in place to put yourself back in position where you feel in control and calm. Pause, take a few deep breaths, observe what it is that you are thinking about, because what you focus on expands, reflect, and GENTLY REFOCUS your attention, and accept yourself again, and again. Ponder on what is right with you, what you are proud of and what you are good at. Give yourself credit!

Set Aside Time for Relaxing, Having Fun, and Rejuvenating.

Set aside time for relaxing, having fun, and rejuvenating. Remind yourself again and again to be kind to yourself, you deserve better, period, point blank, and no excuses are acceptable. You are the person that’s going to be there for you, make you happen. Be your own best friend – be kind to you. Recognize who you are and value yourself. You are full of purpose and purely deserving to live-your-best-life and be-the-best-version-of-yourself. Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed and who build you up. Having a support system of people you can trust and rely on will make you happier and feel better about yourself.

So reduce stress in your life by carving out “me” time, set aside leisure time. Nurturing yourself is a necessity; regularly make time for fun and relaxation. Relaxation rejuvenates your mind and body. Do something you enjoy every day that bring you joy. Lastly, keep your sense of humor. This includes the ability to laugh at yourself, laugh out loud and do it unapologetically! Start “being more” rather than “doing more”…start living.

Questions to Ponder:

What experiences bring you joy? (I.e. Vacations, dancing, dining out with friends)

When was the last time you said “I love you” to yourself?

Best Wishes,

Tracy Diamond

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Tray Dee
Tray Dee
Jun 11, 2021

Hi Josephine. Yes, we all need to remind ourselves and tell ourselves, "I love you".


Josephine Ameyibor
Josephine Ameyibor
Jun 11, 2021

Very motivating words. I sure need to look in the mirror and tell "me, myself and I" I love you"

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