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“NEW ME in 2023!” - 4 Tips to Expand and Stretch Yourself

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” ~ Chinese Proverb

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” ~Arthur Ashe

Hi Diamond! Happy New Year! 2022 has come to a close and new year 2023 is here. Tell yourself, “There will be a NEW ME in 2023.” This is a great time for you to take inventory, sit back, get still and self-reflect on the past year. A time to put life into your life. Ask yourself, "What was 2022 like for you?" "What added to your life and what drained life from you?" "Was it a fulfilling year; a productive year; a successful year; a prosperous and abundant year?" "Was it a year of breakthroughs; achievements; goal accomplishments; or _____________ you fill in the blank?" Whatever 2022 was for you, I’m here to share 4 ways for you to challenge and stretch yourself to level up to a “NEW ME in 2023!”

Make Your Dream Top Priority

There are moments you may look back over your life and wonder where time has gone. You had an ultimate goal and a dream, and before you knew it, life began living you while you operated on auto-pilot, instead of you consciously and intentionally living life, setting goals and taking action. Only to realize that your goals and dreams were unintentionally deferred and another year have passed you by. A wonderful beauty about life is you are never too late to recreate, reinvent, plan and fulfill your dream. Make your ultimate dream and goal your top priority for 2023. Make a conscious decision to invest in YOU. "What do you ultimately want?" "What would it take for you to get it?" "How can you take the first step to making what you want your reality?" "Who do you know that will help you get started?" Challenge yourself in 2023 to pursue what you ultimately want!

Set Healthy Boundaries and Stick with Them

You may or may not have heard this statement, “Things were meant to be used, people are meant to be loved. But people are being used and things are being loved.” You may find that, at certain points, the world and the people in it place great demand on your time, energy, and emotions. Setting healthy boundaries is a form of self-preservation. This is precisely why setting healthy boundaries, enforcing them and sticking to them is so important. You have absolute control over you – your time, your energy, your space, your money, and how you’re treated. When you set boundaries, you are taking care of yourself. You are recognizing what you need and asking for it. Boundaries are where your power lies. It’s how you show people what you will and will not allow. Be intentional in setting healthy boundaries and sticking with them so that you can be protected, you’re saying you matter! And you do, you matter. Give yourself permission; it’s time to prepare for your future. Challenge yourself in 2023 to set bold, courageous, and unapologetic boundaries and stick to them!

Disconnect to Reconnect - You Have a Choice

Hello Social and Mainstream Media! Some of the biggest sources of distractions and diversions come from email, social media, television, and cell phones. Distractions and interruptions seem to be inevitable. With this dilemma, your attention is pulled in multiple directions, your goals may be sidelined, and you very well could be stifling your achievements. "What would it look like to stop feeding your distractions and cultivate your focus?" Distractions will try to pull your gaze onto less important matters. "How do you handle distractions?" "What do you do when it’s hard to focus your thoughts?" "How often do you disconnect from technology, TV, and alike?" "How could you be intentional about disconnecting, stepping away and taking a breath?" Disconnect to reconnect with yourself and with those physically around you. Take a digital detox you'll be elated that you did. While you may not be able to eliminate all distractions you can choose to minimize them. You are in control of your choices. Slow down and calm your mind. Challenge yourself in 2023 by giving yourself permission to activate your willpower and disconnect and unplug from technology and minimize your distractions!

Time to Let Go so You Can Work on YOU

This fourth challenge may require you to gird up the confidence and the courage to make bold changes that may compel you to step out of your comfort zone and dig deep to move forward. Once you set your mind to this, it very well will transform your life. Challenge yourself in 2023 to let go of unhealthy, toxic, negative, pessimistic relationships that are draining you; holding you back; causing you undue stress; and are a constant source of drama. Make a conscious decision to walk away and /or separate yourself from individuals and things that are toxic to your well-being. Set strong boundaries with toxic and negative people, enforce those boundaries and honor your needs. Negativity can be contagious. Watch the shift that takes place in your attitude, health and well-being. Give yourself the grace to be human, worthy of love and respect, and no longer sacrifice your own happiness by allowing toxic people and their negative outlook to influence you. Ask yourself, “What do you want from each day?” “What do you need?” Think about that.

Coach Yourself:

What opportunity do these 4 tips present for you?

What are some other ways you can challenge yourself in 2023 in order to move forward?

Feel free to comment below on my blog, I would love to hear what your goals are for 2023.

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Best Wishes,

Tracy Diamond

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