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How It Works:

As a Professional Life Coach I serve women and men in areas of: Self-Confidence; Personal Image; Time & Attention Management; Goal Setting; Getting Organized (de-clutter); Careers; Spiritual Life; Relationships! And much more! 


We will meet via Zoom Video or Telephone (with your permission these sessions may be recorded) each month based on the number of sessions you select. I am also available as often as you need me for email coaching between sessions.


  • Personal attention that clients receive is authentic and the objective is to make them feel valued and respected.

  • Motivate clients to be intentional about rest and self-care.

  • Stimulate clients to embrace self-love; self-care; self-compassion and their inner and outer beauty!

  • Accountability someone who cares about you and your goals, supports and encourages you by checking up on what you said you were going to do for homework. Accountability is one of the gifts of coaching.

  • Mindful listening I am focused on you and your agenda. In life we do not often experience being listened to in this way.

  • Clarity to get clear on where you want to go and the steps to get you there is another gift achieved by me asking you great questions, offering insight where appropriate and creating the space for you to tap into all of the answers you already have, and may not have been able to access.

  • Actions every session will end with you committing to an action or actions you will commit to taking before your next session. This will turn into the accountability conversation that begins our next session.

  • Format of sessions through a series of one-on-one or group video calls, or emails.

What's Next?

Let's Connect for a free, 30 min Expectation Call to determine if coaching is a good fit for you. It takes work to be the best YOU possible!

After a free, 30 minute consultation to determine that we are a good fit to work together, each new client that I work with starts this way:

  • You will take VIA Character Strengths Assessment which we use throughout our coaching together.

  • Complete an Authentic Happiness Assessment.

  • This and the character strengths will be the foundation of your coaching work and will help you to gain clarity from the first session.

  • We will meet three times per month for 1 hour each, for three/six months in a row. This enables you to gain momentum around your goals.

  • Once we get through the pre-work, we dig in on coaching specifically on the areas and goals you want to work on.

  • You will have homework to complete in between each session. You will mostly create and will always agree to homework you take on. The amount is always up to you. The sessions are important, and what you do in between the sessions is what will make coaching successful for you.

  • We will strategize a plan that works for you and I support my clients in what they feel is best.

  • I will continually and gently challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. I will challenge you to look at things in new ways, to gain new perspectives, and to challenge your habitual ways of thinking and doing things.

Book an Expectation Call

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