My Story

Hi, I’m Tracy Diamond, founder of Coaching Diamonds. The essence of my name – a diamond in the rough and a nurturer by nature. I’m the most supportive, direct, motivated Life Coach you’ll ever meet!  With Mercy and Compassion as my spiritual gifts and “Acts of Service” my love language, I have deep empathy and a heart for the human race. I am well-tuned into the emotions and feelings of others.  I am down-to-earth, have an infectious humor and a positive outlook on life. I have a way of bringing the good out of my clients and make their life come alive. 

I am intentional and unapologetic about my personal and professional-development. Taking on new challenges all while maintaining a professional demeanor has been a learned skill that I do not take for granted. To be able to take care of others I must take care of myself, and to do that I have to be intentional about rest and self-care. 

My Background 

Education  & Coaching Credentials

I hold my BS degree in Business Management from Columbia College of Missouri. ACC - ICF Credential-Holder. Certified Personal Development, Executive, and Mindset Coach. I have a Certificate in Personal Development Coaching and Certified through The CaPP Institute.


I bring more than 30 years of collective knowledge with my extensive background in business, managerial and project management experience within the federal and private sector. I am a lifelong learner and student of my own personal and professional development. I apply what I acquire into my accomplishments and lead by example, so that I can be an effective and authentic trailblazer and coach.  


Life Coaching – I serve women and men 25 yrs. of age and over on areas of:  personal, professional, spiritual life, relational, and financial accomplishments, and much, much more!  I do not create solutions for my clients, however, I understand what they want to do and support them on that journey.

I value helping others, and I am fierce in the pursuit of my clients’ getting what they want from their coaching sessions and then working within the boundary guidelines to make it happen.  My intuition and empathy is so compassionate.

This is about you (the client), as I partner with you to achieve your goals! I will inspire you to invest in your relationship with yourself; improve your relationship with others; empower you to be in control; embrace your power; and give yourself permission to take ownership of your life. The personal attention clients receive from me are trustworthy and genuine; my goal is to make you feel the value that you are.  You are warmly welcome into my practice! Referrals are welcome.

Who I Help

As your Life Coach I serve women and men  25 yrs. of age and over on areas of: 

  • Personal Life Skills: Self Confidence, Personal Image;

  • Time Management 

  • Finances 

  • Getting Organized (de-clutter)

  • Professional: Career Advancement / Transition 

  • Spiritual Life: Inner Peace, Intuition, 

        Life Purpose, Self-Love, Self-Care,

        Self-Compassion, Inner and Outer                    Beauty

  • Relationships Love Life: Marriage, Romance, Intimacy! And much, much more!

How I Do It

By listening with the mind, body, and spirit. I coach clients wanting to make big changes and clients wanting to take small bounds. I coach people who want to know, understand and use their strengths; who want to enjoy life more, reduce stress, and people who want to create more happiness in all areas of their lives - along with some laughter and honest humor. 


I inspire and provoke thought and help clients achieve their dream and stand in their power.  I help them with their mindset and confidence. I empower my clients to be in and take control and ownership of their lives; Set healthy boundaries; and Reclaim their power.

Through a series of one-on-one or group phone calls, e-mails, conference calls or video. What’s so cool is, in our time together my clients gain incredible confidence, and achieve whole new heights of success! I am a strong advocate of my clients’ reaching their goals; I just LOVE what I do!

What's In It For You

FORWARD FACING - Gain clarity about your vision, eliminate obstacles to your success, accelerate the pace of personal growth and achieve results that empower you. What you want to do differently to make gains or to make progress, or see differences in certain aspects of your life.

  • Improved self-confidence

  • A different perspective

  • Heightened self-awareness

  • Create a balanced life

  • Foster better relationships

  • Achieve goals

  • Find happiness

  • Discover clarity of purpose

  • Follow through on commitments

  • Manage time and productivity

  • Eliminate negative thoughts

  • Overcome your fears

  • Unearth creativity

  • Eliminate bad habits

  • Stay motivated

  • Better decision making

  • Reduce stress; decrease depression and anxiety