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Meet Tracy Diamond

Hi, I’m Tracy Diamond, founder of Coaching Diamonds. The essence of my name – a diamond in the rough and a nurturer by nature. I’m the most supportive, direct, motivated Life Coach you’ll ever meet!  With Mercy and Compassion as my spiritual gifts and “Acts of Service” my love language, I have deep empathy and a heart for the human race. I am well-tuned into the emotions and feelings of others. I am down-to-earth, have an infectious humor and a positive outlook on life. I have a way of bringing the good out of my clients and make their life come alive. 

I am intentional and unapologetic about my personal and professional-development. Taking on new challenges all while maintaining a professional demeanor has been a learned skill that I do not take for granted. To be able to take care of others I must take care of myself, and to do that I have to be intentional about rest and self-care. 

My Background 

Education  & Coaching Credentials

I hold my BS degree in Business Management from Columbia College of Missouri. ICF Credentialed. Certified Personal, Executive, and Mindset Coach through The CaPP Institute. I bring many years of collective knowledge with my extensive background in business, managerial and project management experience within the federal and private sector. I am a lifelong learner.


Purpose & Mission

"Spreading Sunshine and bringing Smiles to other people, and doing so with Kindness, Humor, Positive Energy, and a Compassionate Spirit."

"To inspire others to get clarity about the way forward and level - up in their personal and professional lives and gain greater contentment and fulfillment."

Who I Help

As your Professional Life Coach I serve women and men in areas of: 

  • Self Confidence

  • Personal Image

  • Time & Attention Management 

  • Goal Setting 

  • Getting Organized (de-clutter)

  • Careers 

  • Spiritual Life

  • Relationships! And much, much more!

How I Do It

By listening with the mind, body, and spirit. I coach clients wanting to make big changes and clients wanting to take small bounds. I coach people who want to know, understand and use their strengths; who want to enjoy life more, reduce stress, and people who want to create more happiness in all areas of their lives - along with some laughter and honest humor. 


I inspire and provoke thought and help clients achieve their dream and stand in their power.  I help them with their mindset and confidence. I empower my clients to be in and take control and ownership of their lives; Set healthy boundaries; and Reclaim their power.

Through a series of one-on-one or group calls, emails, or video. I am a strong advocate of my clients’ reaching their goals; I just LOVE what I do!

What's In It For You

FORWARD FACING - Gain clarity about your vision, eliminate obstacles to your success, accelerate the pace of personal growth and achieve results that empower you. Reframe limiting beliefs. 

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Visualize a different perspective

  • Heightened self-awareness

  • Foster better relationships

  • Achieve goals

  • Discover clarity of purpose

  • Follow through on commitments

  • Manage time and productivity

  • Change the narrative of negative thoughts

  • Overcome your fears

  • Unearth your creativity

  • Eliminate bad habits

  • Stay motivated

  • Better decision making

  • Reduce stress; decrease depression and anxiety

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