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Love Being in The Know? Are You Sure About That?

“Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds.” ~ George Santayana

“The most confused we ever get is when we try to convince our heads of something our hearts know is a lie.” ~Karen Moning

Hi Diamond! What is it that you find important, relevant, and knowledgeable, worthy of knowing? Are you a person that just loves to be in the know? If so, what is it that you love being in the know about? Is it gossip? Is it somebody else’s drama or misfortune? Is it the News Outlets, Social Media Channels and the plethora of information overload – getting caught up in the nonstop news coverage? Is it topics that are meaningful and purposeful for your growth building, like an increase in wisdom, knowledge and understanding? How often would you say you are in the know about what’s happening in and around the world in which you live and how it impacts you? Meaning, are your eyes wide shut or wide open? Are you operating on autopilot or are you WOKE – alert and aware? What captures your attention, what do you allow to be put in your mind? Does it move you forward, energize you, motivate you to act, or does it have you stuck, fill you with fear, or drain and deplete you? Stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this.

The Mindset of Confusion Is Spreading Like a Wildfire

From time to time, I hear people say, “I like being in the know” and I must admit I find that a little bewildering. There is so much chaos, confusion, false truths, misleading and misguided information, not to mention all the mess, filth and garbage that are being spread throughout our society, how does one intentionally “like being in the know?” There is no more ‘absolute’ in this nation and the mindset of confusion is spreading like a wildfire. It is very pertinent and imperative that we are WOKE and have expectations for the truth, WOKE and constructing and contributing to our own homes and families with what is “Truth!” Our society has plummeted so deep into darkness you can barely see a peak of light. Industries and Politicians across the board are in full-fledged compromise, so much so that individual values and morals are starting to be challenged. I ask you, as if you “like being in the know” how are you holding your “absolute truth” together amongst all of this disillusion and confusion? The impact of this wide spread disillusion and confusion is being purposely infiltrated down to our young children. What began as a subtle intrusion is now an outright blatant attack on our humanity.

Absolute Truth!

So, I ask you again, if you are a person that just loves to be in the know, what is it that you love being in the know about? Are you conforming and compromising with what you hear? Are you just going with the flow as though what is occurring has nothing to do with you and your family? Or are you appalled with what is happening to the world in which we live and raise our children and the future generations? The news media, social media, television shows, commercials, movies, radio, and even cartoons, are all spewing misinformation and deceit loud and clear. Yet, has the Church gotten silent or when it does speak, it does it very carefully like walking on thin ice not to cause offence against the magnitude of false truths and those that believe them?! When you are not a conformist nor politically correct, not siding with the majority, that is not popular, however, when you hold to “absolute truth” God gets the glory He so graciously deserves. Personally, for me, my soul is not for sell and I am not being swayed by all this false truth, lies, manipulation, deception and confusion. “Yes, I love to be in the know” with what God has to say and His Word of Absolute Truth!

Bring Great Awareness to What Life Is Truly About

In a day, there is a sunrise and a sunset…What you do in between them can be a blessing to you and the impact you can have on humanity, so make the conscious decision to value your gifted day, that’s why it’s called the present. Decide what you need to keep or begin “being in the know” about and what you need to get rid of. Take time to pause, slowdown, and self-reflect on what your day to day life entails and the lives of the people you cross paths with. Set a new course to move from a life of chaos and confusion to one of order, self-control, and an amazing discovery of “absolute truth.” Bring great awareness to what life is truly about. Be a person that “loves being in the know” about “absolute truth,” that way you won’t go astray. It’s not a dress rehearsal, we only get one life, we must make it count. Your mental health, sanity and well-being could very much depend on it.

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Coach Yourself:

Are you operating on autopilot or are you WOKE – alert and aware?

How are you holding your “absolute truth” together amongst all this disillusion and confusion?

What consequences positive or not, have you experienced as a result of “being in the know?”

Best Wishes,

Tracy Diamond

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