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When Life Pushes You to the Brink…What Do You Do?

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

“When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways - either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength.” ~ Dalai Lama

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” ~ George S. Patton

Hi Diamonds! Perhaps you have been in a difficult situation for what seems like an eternity or perhaps life threw you a curveball and you want to scream, “When is this going to end?” Difficulties in life will come for sure, that’s inevitable, and while they may feel like something that’s beyond our control, remember that there is always something about life situations that we can control—our response. How can this outcome or circumstance be turned into a gift and opportunity?

Identify what is within your control and resolve to make change. If you can’t change the situation, you may be able to change your attitude. Although it’s unlikely you can suddenly change your attitude overnight, you can change it over time. You are only as strong as you will let yourself be. The choice is yours and you can give yourself PERMISSION. It is a process that takes hard work and it's ultimately for your health and sanity. Don’t waste time and energy trying to change things you can’t change.

Feel Whatever It Is You Are Feeling – Even If It’s Unpleasant

Let yourself feel whatever it is you're feeling. Identifying and acknowledging your feelings is a vital and critical part of your well-being ― even if it’s unpleasant. “If you don’t reveal it, you can’t heal it.” You can’t begin to take care of yourself until you accept where you are. Journal and write down all the different emotions you’re having — from fear and rage to sadness and desperation. Journaling is such a healthy thing to do. List questions for which you need answers, matters for which you need guidance, weaknesses for which you need strength and any other life concerns you wish to get clarity.

Once you identify and acknowledge your feelings, you can start figuring out what to do with them in order to help you determine what you need to move forward. You may want to hold back your emotions, but that only slows the healing process. You absolutely need to take time to feel the pain. Let the tears flow if you need to. You may want to wallow in your pain, yet eventually you have to move on. The best thing you can do is try to understand what happened, as hard as that may be, as a life lesson and allow life to unfold. Your emotions tell you what you feel, but they do not get to decide what you do. You decide what you do.

No Matter How You Feel – Never Give Up

There's only so much healing you can do on your own and you may have isolated yourself, (personally for me this was common) but eventually, the thing you may long for the most is human connection. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up! This is the time to surround yourself with as much love as possible: friends and family, activities you enjoy, positive energy and laughter, you name it. Your loved ones want to help. You would do it for them, so let them do it for you.

God Got Your Solution Already Worked Out!

Focus on what God is doing IN YOU and remember that HE is in control and nothing falls outside of His knowledge, then rest in knowing that He either brought you to it or allowed it. But whichever it is, He will bring you through it better than when you went in, if you will just allow Him. Trust in God’s sovereignty. He’s got your solution already worked out and His timing is always perfect. Usually something good can come out of even the worst situations. Focus on what you might gain for having survived a tough situation. Perhaps, you’ll come out of it a stronger person or maybe you’ll have learned a valuable life lesson, or both. Whatever it is, try to view the situation as a learning experience that will help you in some way later in life. Remember, what you are going though may not be designed to destroy you, but instead, to build and strengthen you. You are RESILIENT and CAPABLE of far more than you know. This too shall pass, hang in there, I believe in YOU!

Questions to Ponder:

What do you do: lose hope and fall into self-destructive habits, or use the challenge to find your inner strength?

What positive actions can you take to change your situation? And what can you control about this situation?

I would love to co-partner with you and assist you further. Book your free 30-minute call to discover how to add life coaching as a part of your support system. Let’s Connect.

Best Wishes,

Tracy Diamond

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