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Self-Doubt is a Dream Slayer

“You’re busy doubting yourself while others are intimidated by your full potential” ~Unknown

"Fear and self-doubt have always been the greatest enemies of human potential" ~Brian Tracy

You want to know if someone, something, a career change, a major decision or relocation is right for you. The answer lies within you, as you give yourself permission in the space to contemplate the situation. Are you excited about it? Does it raise passion in you? Have you considered ALL your options? I would encourage you to take a second to think about your dreams, desires or goals. What’s really holding you back? Take a moment to reflect on whether or not there is a possibility that the reason you've not yet achieved certain dreams, desires or goals is because you don't think you can. If there is an inkling of self-doubt in your belief in yourself, you could waddle in continual uncertainty. Negative thinking, doubt and a fear of rejection will only fuel feelings of uncertainty and indecision.

Break the cycle of self-doubt, it’s an Impostor

Don’t let yourself get stuck in the doubt cycle. You cannot succeed if you are holding yourself back. Believe in yourself and visualize your success, speak life into it, you know where you are and where you want to be. It is built into your soul, God placed it there. You have a purpose bigger than yourself. Imagine 'FUTURE YOU' - focus on the benefits. Envision yourself as that person in the future enjoying your desires and walking in your vision. It’s natural to think small when fear and doubt are controlling your decisions. Make the decision to not allow your fear, your emotions or doubt to make decisions for you. Get out from under the labels and live the life you were called to live - believe you can do it. So the question is, “What is it specifically that you want to achieve” and “what does your intuition tell you?”

You Can Make New Decisions. Do What Is Healthy and Meaningful For You.

Don’t doubt yourself. Listen to yourself and stop the mind from overthinking. “Mindfulness is mental training. It is learning to turn off your autopilot and take control of your thoughts.” – Valorie Burton. YOU are significant, just as important as anyone or anything else. Treat yourself to your GROWTH! Be kind to yourself, you deserve the same love, gentleness, and kindness you give to others. Practice Self-Compassion. If your intuition is pointing you in a direction, why doubt it – especially if it is meaningful and propelling you forward. Our intuitions – that gut feeling, are there to help guide us in the right direction, or at the least, should raise our curiosity.

Self-doubt is a dream slayer. If you allow your mind to rationalize your life, you will remain stuck and immovable. Listen to your intuition. Listen to it and the message it is sending you, it won’t lead you astray. Doubting your intuitive guidance will only make you even more irrational. Trust your instinct and press onward, you’ll be glad you did and thank yourself later!

Questions to Ponder:

Where is it that you are feeling stuck and you know that fear and doubt are in the way?

What challenges have you created for yourself that has stopped you from reaching your goal or moving forward?

Best Wishes,

Tracy Diamond

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