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The Beautiful Gift of Opportunities!

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” ~William Arthur Ward

“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.” ~Ann Landers

Hi Diamonds! Opportunity, there is something intriguing and very special about opportunity. When was the last time you slowed down in order to recognize the opportunities before you? How would your life change if you slowed down and truly acknowledged the many opportunities that are in front of you? In life, many are so distracted and operate in tunnel vision that their lives are complacent and predictable and they find themselves on a routine cycle that continues day after day after day and before they realize it, their todays are like their yesterdays. With a pattern like this, is one thriving or simply surviving? Think about that. “When opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to go after it.” Eddie Kennison

Opportunity is a wonderful thing. It means we can be in a position today which we weren’t yesterday. It means that God has even greater things for us; opportunities that will never fail us so long as our hearts and motives are right. Thank God for the gift of opportunity.

Opportunity comes our way to serve others by doing vital things which will make an everlasting impact in their lives and the world. Opportunity means nothing unless we are vigilant and open to the capability to respond, open doors we are courageous enough to move through. When I speak about opportunity, I believe that now is the time. Opportunity is now. There is an opportunity every day before us. There is a principle that opportunity which is used leads to greater opportunity. Likewise, opportunity which is wasted, is just that, wasted and could sometimes leave us with the pained sense that the chance has passed. The secret of success in anything is to respond affirmatively to opportunity. “Opportunity is everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to see it.” Anonymous

Opportunities Are Infinite, Available All the Time

Opportunities are everywhere. It’s up to us to see them and take them. Every interaction, every person, place, or situation, there presents opportunity. There are many areas of opportunities to learn, improve, and grow for a better you. Opportunities are infinite, available all the time, everywhere we go, and in every interaction we have. When we open our eyes and our heart and look around, we will see possibilities that can turn into opportunities if we take the initiative to find them. Sometimes opportunities find us, as Les Brown put it, “it’s better to be prepared without an opportunity, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.”

When opportunities presents, assess whether it’s one you want to take. Does it align to your core beliefs, values, and purpose? Can you grow from it? Does it help others in any way and make the world a better place? If so, then…take a leap of faith and choose courage over fear! Go for it, take the opportunity! If you are not ready, a bold “small step” is still a movement forward.

Seeing opportunities as gifts, can poise us to not take them for granted and instead, appreciate them. The true gift of opportunity is to see differently, change your mindset, and fully experience what life has to offer you on a daily basis. The more we see opportunities to connect and serve, the fuller our lives can become. With a changed mindset we can turn negative circumstances into a gift of opportunity to make the most out of the situation. “Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.” Sun Tzu

See Negative Situations As Opportunities.

A mindset shift can help us reevaluate and train our mind to see situations, even not so pleasant ones, as opportunities. Could this be an opportunity to serve, an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life? What a gift! Pause and think, what gift of opportunity does it offer?

Personally, before I became keener to my self-awareness and the magnitude of distractions life engulfed around me, I could only imagine how many opportunities I blew and missed. I’m sure I embraced some, yet most I let slip by. So I challenge and invite you to begin to see every day as a beautiful gift of opportunity. Any time of the day, opportunities exist if we look for them and connect on a deeper level and uplift others with compassion, kindness and gratitude.

Opportunities Provide Us a Chance to Expand

Sometimes in our lives, we are offered opportunities we do not feel we are ready for. This is when the imposter syndrome steps in to tell us we don’t have what it takes. Many of us may have experienced this, I know I have. However, understanding the fear and asking ourselves the right questions, along with what we say to ourselves, can allow us to see this as a gift of opportunity…just for you. If it wasn’t meant for you, then the offer would not have presented itself. Perhaps this opportunity leads to a dead end but in most cases, we can learn something about ourselves, can grow from the experience, or have a new story to tell.

These gifts of opportunity may not always come knocking, so we have to be intentional and say to ourselves, “I am capable of far more than I know and I’m brave enough to succeed.” I believe in me, I have a growth mindset, and I am conquering fear, too! Just take the next step! This can lead to greater confidence, self-efficacy, and empowerment.

So I say to you, take action to grow, rather that is in confidence or self-efficacy. This growing confidence leads to more instances where opportunities will multiply! In everything you do, there is a gift of opportunity waiting for you to take. The more you take, the more you learn and stretch to higher levels. The more you invest, the more you’ll walk in your full potential.

Questions to Ponder:

How can you begin to see the “gift of opportunity” and take action?

What do you do with an opportunity?

Best Wishes,

Tracy Diamond

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