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Self-Care Is an Act of Self-Love, NOT Self-Indulgence – Remove the Stigma

“When you discover something that nourishes your soul and bring you joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” –Jean Bolen

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” ~Napoleon Hill

Hello Diamonds! As you are aware the last few blogs have been about self-care! I truly hope that they resonated with you deeply and you have begun naturally incorporating self-care into your daily routine. I have one more for you today before we move on to a new topic, ENJOY. If you are in this area please consider joining us for the "Self-Care Isn't Selfish Women's Health and Wellness Expo." Details below.

Make It an Intention, Conscious Act

Self-care is a priority, a necessity and an act of self-love, NOT self-indulgence. It does take practice and it’s a private matter between you and you and I encourage you to choose yourself over and over again. Make it an intention, conscious act with concrete actions. We all start from somewhere, start where you are. Experiment and adapt and gradually build up to what will enhance and benefit your wellbeing.

We’re always going to be human and we’ll often go through hard times, it’s inevitable – It’s called life. Having a system in place for our Personal self-care to put ourselves back in a position where we feel in control, calm, and full of peace is essential.

Self-care is the action we take to “address” our own experience, (physical, spiritual, psychological, emotional, and/or mental) Address being the key. Personal self-care to me is the holistic care of self, in addition to acceptance, habits, and understanding ourselves. We can have all the tangible stuff the world has to offer and we may think it is a great foundation for a happy life. However, if we do not incorporate self-care as a routine maintenance; that “tangible stuff” is just that “stuff” and things can come crashing down, especially when we find ourselves in challenging times.

Focus On Loving, Learning and Investing In You

You are the person that’s going to be there for you, realistically that’s true. Remind yourself gently again and again to be kind to yourself, period, point blank, no excuses. Consider a future version of yourself, what would benefit you? Put energy into proactively supporting the version of yourself you’d like to become! Don’t fall into habits that feel “Good Now”, but bring you distress afterwards. This is the kind of personal self-care that shapes your future. Put your energy into actively supporting the person you want to become. Focus on loving, learning and investing in your health and well-being. Honor your limitations. Value “Being” instead of “Doing”!

My challenge for you today is that, if you want to be effective and truly impactful, wherever you are and wherever you go – it is important to put yourself first. Self-care is a daily practice and should reflect your interest and needs. Be intentional in making yourself a priority. HAPPY SELF-CARE JOURNEY!

Questions to Ponder:

What does it mean to you to relax? Define it in your own terms.

What activity brings you enjoyment? How often do you do this?

Best Wishes,

Tracy Diamond

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