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You are tired of undue misery, misplaced guilt, over-responsibility, and misplaced energy, being an enabler and forcing your will for others to do better. Conformity has hijacked your mind. Your lack of boundaries has stolen your joy and causing you constant pain, heartache and misery! The term “self-care” has been so watered down that you’re not even clear on what it really means or what it takes to care for you. This book is for YOU.


Have you found yourself overreacting to others’ words, actions, or disapproval? How might a keener awareness of your self-respect, accountability to God and yourself help you handle things differently? Give yourself permission to be transformed so that you may be sustained when you grow weary of running and are tempted to throw in the towel. With the help of your renewed mindset, intentional daily self-care, and setting healthy boundaries, you can do this!


What will I get from reading your book? When you put the effort and honest work into this BOOK investment you will be the primary beneficiary of A life transformation from the inside out. It challenges you to be truly honest with yourself and confront your challenges head on. There is no hiding if you want to be true to yourself. This book will make you think about things you may have locked away deep down inside yourself for years and are keeping you STUCK and unable to move forward. Growth is rarely easy or comfortable – that’s how you know your growing and developing. You will have to pause, get still, quiet, and self-reflect. If you truly want to be transformed into the best-version-of-yourself and move forward, this is a great resource to do so. You learn the valuable information you need to know about what it takes to cultivate a renewed mind, what true self-care is really all about, and the significant empowerment when it comes to setting healthy boundaries.


Why should I listen to you, specifically? I consider myself an expert because it's not something that I was taught, that I read in a book, or that I went to school for. I lived this life. I walk this life; I experienced this life, and I am a true witness to the transformation of what God can do. I am a true witness to the transformation that I have a purpose in life, and you do too! I'm a true witness that purpose comes from pain, and you don't have to go at it alone, you don't have to stay in it! Transformation is the end result of all true learning.

Your Project for Today is to Work on YOU!

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